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This site is designed to keep our friends and family up to date with the ongoing events that take place in the lives of the Nics (The Nicols) James Ch 1 27 Pure and undefiled religion before God and the Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their trouble.............

Branahue starts to talk

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ABC CHAN 7 wantt to use Benahuoe

Howdy http://jamesnicol7.blogspot.com/

James 1
27 Pure and undefiled religion before God and the Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their trouble, and to keep oneself unspotted from the world.
How are you?

I have started a blog to cover our www.mendingkids.org experience as we foster an 8 year old child called Berahnau from Ethiopia......he needs some serious back surgery. He also has a withered right arm. He is mal nourished and is a sorry we soul.

I simply cant keep up with all the mails the calls and the loving support we have had.....we are overwhelmed.

I had thought we could have done this Quitley,and picked up a big reward in heaven, The Nuns say that if you publicizes your good works on earth you have had your rewards.......the things done secretly God will rewards openly..........This is my position.

ABC CHANNEL 7 - It would appear that ..this is not Gods will for Bernahua.We have been asked by the LA children's Hospital if we can be involved in a documentary on Mending kids a section aired on channel 7-will be based around Bernahiue.
He is so Photogenic- his eyes tell a story of deep sorrow, yet when he smiles the world lights up.
He has the ability to melt people to tears....so small so broken and yet a gift from God.

The purpose of the Blog is simply this............
Bring attention to the plight of Children in third world countries who need life saving surgeries.
We also want to build up a network of families that can take the children and be host homes.
There is no profit or expenses paid for Gas ect-the travel up to LA is a pain but the rewards that will last into the life of a child and on into eternity are overwhelming.

It is my intention to tell as many people as I can of www.mendingkids.com ...........

Mending kids locate them – fly them to the US – surgeons do the surgery but they need Host families to provide homes care and transportation for the children.

This is my wife's project...............I am just a player on the sideline in a support role.....

This is real Jesus stuff..............no question about it this is front line hands on every dime being used to help some of the meekest people on the face of the earth........

So so good so refreshing ,so humbling to be involved.

No body is making any money-just broken kids being mended.

Superb .....

Tell as many people as you can............. Www.mendingkids.org ..............they are the real deal..!

Your pal



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SAT MORNING Feeling -different

Sat Morning ,
Bernie is now up and running around.
He has slept well and is now playing with Chris my 20 year old.
I need to decide should I go up the mountain to the mens retreat to lead a communion service or should I stay..Prep for Tommorrow and get back into the groove..........

His Sleeping pattern is good but he is Jet lagged.
He clearly has experince of Dogs........the car door opened and he gave our Dog an unusual ethiopian welcome with his foot ........!

He is learning our names..........

This was the first meeting between Bern and Chris,
Chris left the room in tears as we considered the plight of the meekest person on the planet...yet a Rich gift from God called Bernie.

Its a long time since I felt my eyes fill with teras......not open tears of sorrow but tears of.......compassion for a peson so so frail and so so weak.
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