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Marathon Day!!!!!!

Well, today started real early in the Nicol household this morning with a 5am wake up call for mum!!!!!!

We had to be at the hospital at 9.15am, and for anyone that knows the LA traffic at that time in the morning knows that it is horrendous!!!!

Well hi ho hi ho, it's off to the hospital we go!!!!

First appointment....... MRI and CT scan. Berhanu did not like getting his IV in and he cried for the first time, poor wee soul!!!!! Jim and I went down to the caffeteria and met up with the filming crew again!! (Ahhhh) and had a much needed something to eat. We were told that the two scans would take two hours, so what better way to pass time, than to talk to a camera crew and eat!!!

Second appointment........... cardiology, where they detected a heart murmur, but nothing too serious (thank the Lord), still camera crew in tow!!! Everything was good with his heart.

Third and most important appointment...............Dr Skaggs, orthopedic, the surgeon that will do his surgery. Dr Skaggs had a look at Berhanu's scans and decided that the operation would be too much to do in one surgery!!!!!!! so Berhanu will get his first back surgery on 21st October and his second 6 days later!!!!. Not what we expected, but it is for Berhanu's best interest as the surgery was lengthy and also he will get better results. Jim and I looked at a book with before and after pictures and they are amazing!!!! We pray that wee Bernie will get as good as, if not better results. The one thing that really impressed me about Dr Skaggs was, his young son came to visit with his dad, and to me that speaks volumes. Jim and I were told about the procedure and all the goes on during the operation and all the possibilites that could happen, but we are believing and trusting in God, that He will guide this surgeon's hands as God is the Great Physician, and that all things will be well.

Last but by no means least, Noreen (the lady who works at CHLA, but does all the appointments for Mending Kids International) managed to get us in to see the hand surgeon today insted of Monday, so that was a blessing. The doctor said that Bernie had only part of his arm and hand, and that his wee thumb was a floating thumb, and that means it is not attached to anything, so he said that the best thing for Bernie would be to take the little thumb off and move one of his two fingers to where his thumb would have been, so that he could pick things up and do lots of different tasks.

Still the camera crew were filming through all the different appointments, so all I can say now is "Where is my trailer, and that's a wrap, and does anyone have any lippy?"

After finishing at the hospital, we took Bernie to an Ethiopian Restaurant, he loved it and ate everything in sight, Jim and I.................. well, just between you and I, it was not our favourite food, but we would take Bernie back........................with a packed lunch for us!!!!!

Jim and I are just home with Bernie who is fast asleep, and the time is 10pm (long day)

Seriously, pray that God's will will be done and His mighty hand on this wee soul and to protect him from coughs and anything else, and also that he would continue putting on weight at the speed that he has been!!!!

Thanks to everyone for their love and support in lots of ways, Jim and I and the rest of the Nicol Clan really do appreciate it.

Keep the prayers coming
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