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This site is designed to keep our friends and family up to date with the ongoing events that take place in the lives of the Nics (The Nicols) James Ch 1 27 Pure and undefiled religion before God and the Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their trouble.............

To The man who has mended many kids........In Ethiopia

Dear Doctor Rodes,
How are you?
How are things in Addis in Ethiopia.
Can I simply say thanks....!

My wife Caroline and I have fostered Brahnau Haptu.
He is a delightful child who is about to undergo surgery for Scoliosis at CHLA...........via the mending Kids program.
His back ,His arm and his hearing problem along with a very slight Heart murmur make him the meekest wee man that ever lived.

We are so blessed to be able to support him at this point in time.
It is our intention to Love him and show him as much kindness and affection during these trying times in his life.

I feel I simply want to say a sincere Thanks - on behalf on mankind for what you are doing. Although we have never met, your reputations goes before you.......truly you are a genuinely kind and compassionate individual.
In CHLA you are simply a hero...!

Your life is a life of great significance...........
I stand in awe of your contribution to the fight against pain and suffering.

Is it true you have adopted children....?

If you can give us any more information on Branhues history that would be great.
(At time of typing it is 10pm in San Juan Capistarno-Branhue has just came into my office area had a little look around and went back to where my wife is in the kitchen- he has his cute little Pajamas on...!)

Please write back and tell us how we can assist you............I work at www.oceanhillschurch.com
We would like to send a container from our church in California....to you for free.
The question is what do you really need what could we put in the container..........I was involved a number of years ago sending a container to Sierra Leone.
We put a tractor and plowing implement inside..........we then packed the container with clothes and medical supplies, that could be used in Sierra Leone.
I have a Vision of a container being packed in CA loaded at long beach and sent to you..........

Brahanhue is two things.....he is a precious soul in need of help-he is also a walking commercial for mending kids..........we want the world to know and to help good people like you who are on the front line..........

Simply how can we help –can we do anything for you.........?

Jim Nicol
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