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Brano Back in CHLA

Brano is Back in CHLA
we are here today the 15th of Jan 2010
to have his hand operated on.

On His right hand he has three fingers.His hand is connected directly to his elbow with no fore arm.The surgeons are removing a small stub he has for a thumb and shortening his ring finger to be more like a thumb.They will then relocate his other finger to be able to give him pinch between thumb and remaining finger.

The film crew were here to film his progress for a documentary that is being made to be shown in June on ABC.

The hospital is quieter today.His operation will take some 5 hrs.Carrie will stay over night and I will travel back down by train.
At time of typing it is 1pm on a Friday afternoon.

It is so emotionally draining to visit this place once again.I can feel my senses being effected,Caroline had been backwards and forwards and has became part of the furniture over the last wee while.

For me when I see a downs syndrome child or one who has an affliction that shall last a life I am still cut to the heart.
We are so... so blessed to have our health and strength,to simply have complete Motor skill is a glorious gift from God ,yet so easily we murmur and complain.

Bran has changed our lives forever,no longer doe the small things of life really bug us......here we have a child with numerous serious difficulties that effect him for the rest of his life.........Life is full of such blessings for some yet sorrow for others. We live a stones throw away from a sea of sorrow.the situation in Haiti,the poverty in the world,the millions of other Branos,the unloved the unwanted.....what can we do...?

We shall attempt to change the world one Brano at a time......he is a big part of our mission in 2010.

I genuinely pray that God will bless mending kids.......if you pause and really think about whoever it is that has paid for his surgery his flights and his visa ect...........what a great heart ,and what an honor for us to be a small part of the great process that has mended a little boy who one day shall be a man repaired and ready for life.

Truly this is one of the best projects we have ever been involved in.
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