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Brahn Noo Rides his little red bike

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2lbs ON!!!!!!!! yipeee!!!!!

On Monday Jim had a brilliant idea?????? get wee Bernie a bike!!!!!!
Hi Ho, Hi Ho to Toys are Us we go. Three hours later and about 10 bikes later.......................we came home with half of the store!!!!
Bernie loves his new bike, so much that I renamed him, Stunt Man.............he is a maniac!!!
He loves to go fast, so much so that Jim had to attach a long pole to the back of the bike so that he could keep control of him.

Bernie is coming out of his shell so much in the house, he giggles and laughs and is trying to say everything that we tell him!!!! He is still very shy outside the house and is not too sure with lots of people.

Today, he had his second appointment at the hospital, and yes, he put on 2lbs in 5 days!!!!! so good!!!! I wish I could loose 2lbs in 5 days!!!!!

The doctor was mostly happy with him, but did say that he still needed to put on some weight and get nutritional better. We will put him on a mult-vitimin for children and pray that this helps. I am also going to be getting carnantion instant breakfast as that seems to be full of goodness for him.

Bernie also got a small hearing test and his right ear did not seem to be hearing, so pray that when he sees the specialist that he does have hearing in his ear.

Tonight when I was folding up the laundry, he came and helped me to fold and then proceeded to have a throwing sock fight with me, boy, he has some shot on him for such a small creature!!!

Tomorrow is a big day for him, he has an early appointment at 9.30 for an MRI and CT scan so he has to have nothing to eat after midnight and only clear liquids after that. Pray that he does not wake up too hungry. He then goes on to a 1.30 appointment with cardiology and then on to a 3.30 with orthopedics, this appointment is with Dr Skaggs who is going to determine whether Bernie is up for the operation, so pray God's will on this decision. It will then take us a while to get back down to San Juan, so pray for a good safe journey.

We are so happy to be sharing this blessed time in our lives with so many different people from different walks of life.

God's richest blessing to you and yours!!

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