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You Tube operation

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Watch Branos LA Doc in action

This is the Doctor and the exact procedure that Bran is going though.

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CH LA ICU The day Poverty and Mercy Clashed

CH LA ICU The day Poverty and Mercy Clashed

Rev 21:4

……God will wipe away every tear from their eyes; there shall be no more death, nor sorrow, nor crying. There shall be no more pain………..

My! How this child has affected us, as a family has been immense.

The petty little problems of life are so small compared to the plight of millions of children across the world, in deep need!

I was cut to the heart on Wednesday night as I arrived at ICU –CHLA around 10pm.I was taken into an area where Angels were in operation as Nurses and Doctors gave intense treatment to some really sick children.

The love, the devotion and the care I witnessed in CHLA was incredible. Surrounded by a sea of monitors, sensors screens and wires it was like being in a space station where every breath and every move made is checked rechecked and monitored by NASA.

Amidst the technology …there lays a little child grasping for life and panting for air, eyes swollen and whimpering on the edge of a fine balance of Morphine and pain.

Brano (we will settle on Brano- I wanted to call him Bono but somebody else has that name)

He lies on his side just able to open his eyes and clasp Caroline's finger, he whimpers as I speak and say a few words in Amharic.

He has not said much since he came- he has a lot to say now, to hear a child in Amharic in pain and be unable to understand is ……it’s just hard.

The love I feel for this child - is immense, he has only been in my life for around two weeks and yet he has changed my life forever.

Brano Heptu is poverty in high definition-no parents, a 7 year old sister 8 Km away form school being raised by an uncle, the average life span age in Addis is 40-45…. life is so hard. The child has nothing. The only possession he had when he came was a bag of mending kid's clothes, and a little black cross.

This is a divine moment where a people from CA can bless one who has so little with so much, In essence two cultures have met, and poverty and mercy have clashed at a junction brokered by mending kids.

This is the least we can do, to love a helpless child who really needs help.

Where is God in all this suffering?

My how we have wandered away from the original design for the Garden of Eden. I understand how people can Question the existence of God when they see such pain and suffering in innocent Children.

I also understand that this was not Gods design or his plan for mankind. I believe this suffering will end and one day God will wipe away every tear of every innocent child, a day comes when there will be no more suffering.

Understanding why it’s allowed to continue at all is hard; the limits of the human intellect blur at Gods timetable his plans his ways.

My friends this is not the time to debate it’s the time to do.

Our lives our church has been impacted we will never be the same, one of my life’s missions is now to get resource and foster families for Mending kids………mending kids is not words it the real deal its action…!

I type with a heavy heart. I have just dropped Beth off at school; our house is empty without Carrie she just fills up our lives with everything.

I went home last night and the dogs were loading up the Car to leave and move out. Chris and I are walking them but they miss the buzz around the house.

I need to finish and get back to work.

Two things I need to say.

The People of Ocean Hills Church are superb.

I have seen people write checks to mending kids-I have seen the Karen's and the Patti’s travel with Caroline-the toys and the presents, the clothes the kindness The Ethiopian interpreters that have came to the surface…………the Ocean of compassion has engulfed Brano……….he is drowning in stuffed animals and gifts

Ocean hills-what a community of people to be sick in quilts, food cards, not words real people, babysitters. …Real people who really care…

Our pals Gus and Kelly. As I entered ICU there were four beds, Brano with Caroline and in the corner to my left our friend Kelly holding a baby called Mia, Major facial issues, her mother from India exasperated very young and finding it hard to cope –she left went back to Ron Macdon,……Kelly left holding the baby.

Such love such friendship such dedication, just the automatic reaction to hold and to cleave those who are sick…

Gus and Kelly you are symbolic of the heart of Ocean.

We’ll get by with a little help form our friends.

Your pal


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Long Day!!!

Yesterday was a long day!!!

Bernie and I woke about 4.30 and arrived at the hospital at 5.15am!!!!!

The wee man just does as he is told and there's never any question. He was examined to make sure that he was healthy and then up the stairs to wait for the surgery.

7.00am and Bernie got the sedation to make him sleepy, oh boy!!!!!, did it ever, he fell fast asleep!!!

Around 7.20am the staff noticed that our paperwork was not in order as they needed more signatures. Mending Kids managed to do their special magic and got it the paperwork in order.

9am and they wheeled him into surgery!!!! He was now in the hands of Dr Skaggs and God.

Not too sure if Dr Skaggs knows our God, if he does not, I am sure that he most have felt a presence in the room that was stong and mighty, and if he does, he would have known exactly who it was, and that our friends and family were fervently praying and on their knees.

The surgery was long, and there was a little hiccup at the end where Dr Skaggs had already came out and told me that the operation had went well and that plastics were now in place getting ready to put him together again.

The team noticed that they had lost signals from his lower limbs!!!! so Dr Skaggs went back in and released the tension from his spine by 1.5cm and it did the job.

By 6pm Bernie was in ICU and now recovering.

He is a poor wee soul, pray for God's peace in his wee spirit and that he would calm him and take away any pain that he may be in, may God through his holy spirit pour in all the love that is coming from many people.

There are so many hurting families in the hospital through sickness, I pray that if they do not know Christ as their personal Saviour they will find him, as I do not know how they manage to through these trials without the strength of God.

Take time today and look around you and see what you have, house, car, mother, father, children, bed, clothes, food, water, the list goes on and on!!!!!! thank God for all these wonderful things that he has given to us, as in a heartbeat they can also be taken away. Parents give your children a hug, kids tell your parents that you love them. I am more than positve that wee Bernie would love to get a hug from his mamma, and tell her that he loved her!!!!!!

This experience with wee Bernie so far has been many different feelings within my heart, but I know one thing, no matter what happens from here, I am a changed person.

Will try and post today once I have been to the hospital.

Thanks. X

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