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Bran is Smiles better

Today has been Berhanu best day.
He is out of ICU and is back on the ward. We have had some visitors from Ocean come and see him. He is still feeling rough but much better than last week.
He was only face down in the theatre for 4 hrs as opposed to 8 last week.

Caroline has been here since Tuesday night. I am now taking over at the CH Hilton in LA.
Carrie saw the X rays today and his spine is must better....We will post the X rays when we get them the difference is remarkable.

He is now off Morphine and is getting another type of medication for pain.
His little tummy is now switching on.
He is worn out and has very little energy.....he appears to be withdrawn, I think the two operations have made him very wary of people with a medical look.

The main thing is, he is on the mend..........Surly God answers prayers.


Christine said...

I love reading this blog. I'm so glad you and Caroline update it frequently. We are praying for you and we love you guys. It's nice to see Branu's beautiful smile...my heart is melting!

Love and blessings,

Christine, Aaron and the kids.

kim said...

so glad he's getting better! God is hearing our prayers. Cant believe I feel so much love and compassion for the wee brother i've never met. Give a hug for me!

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy that Berhanu Haptu is doing so much better. He's been in my daily prayers. I also am praying that his wish to be a student will be a reality soon.
I knew the first day he walked in my classroom that he was an "ambessa".
God Bless you all.
Gregory G. Richardson

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